Here is how we work:

Think of us as a brick and mortar Convention or Art Fair... Unlike at a Con etc. we do all of the work and we charge lower booth fees & commission. Below are the details about joining ZaPow. I am sending you our Best Practices Guide which will answer even more questions. I have also attached a contract for you to review. We are a collection of talented artists. We handle the sales for you and take a very small 17% commission. (vs. the typical 50% commission of most galleries). In place of large commissions, we charge a membership fee and encourage artists to set up and maintain their space in a way that best suits them. If an artist is not local, we will curate the exhibit at no extra cost. In addition to their wall space, we invite our artists to participate in group shows on our front wall. Membership fees are dependent on how much space you wish to have in the gallery.

We currently have a waiting list but here are some standard wall prices: 4' x 6' wall section - $110 monthly Membership fee 8' x 6' wall section - $193 monthly Membership fee There is a four month commitment for new artists. After the fourth month, your membership switches to month-to-month.