Saturday, July 11th will be Zapow's last day as a retail gallery.

ZaPow Is Closing

ZaPow Retail Art Gallery to Close on July 11th.
ZaPow International Art Licensing Agency to Launch.

ZaPow will be open Saturday, June 6th, through Saturday, July 11th.

Saturday, July 11th will be our last day open to the public as a brick and mortar retail gallery. We will no longer sell beer or coffee. Our hours of operation for June and July will be Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 6pm.

A couple of people bought gift certificates at the beginning of the pandemic to support us. We appreciate your faith in us, please come and use them or contact us and we can issue you a refund.

The world has changed. So, will ZaPow.
Our mission has always been to serve illustrators and narrative artists. Since opening in 2011 we have paid out $1,001,010.66 to artists. That is a fun number. Not all artists that showed at ZaPow made money but many did. ZaPow helped new and emerging artists learn how to self publish their original works in the form of prints and merch. For established artists that already had strong marketing and publishing skills, ZaPow provided a venue for reaching new and diverse patrons.

Now, we live in global pandemic land.
The hard question that I have asked myself is this: Is a brick and mortar gallery still the best way to serve illustrators and narrative artists? The answer is a resounding NO.

It’s like that cheesy book that business gurus love to share and pretend like it's so deep. “Who Moved My Cheese?” Well, the global pandemic moved our cheese and rather than wait around and mope about our cheese(i.e. tourist revenue) not being in the same place as it used to be, we are taking steps to move on.

What does moving on look like for ZaPow?
We will transition from a brick and mortar retail gallery into an International Art Licensing Agency. In layman's terms we will shift from selling illustrations one at a time to tourists who walk in off the street to selling the license to publish thousands of iterations of an illustration direct to manufacturers all over the world. Is this change scary? Yes, most things that are worth doing in life are scary.

For the immediate present:
It is going to take us a little while to close our brick and mortar location. We currently have over 180 artists featured at ZaPow.

Far Future Plan:
Ideally, once there is a vaccine for Covid19 and it is responsible to conduct in-person business for non-essential activities again, ZaPow will acquire a new small venue where we can host rotating shows of an extremely select group of our licensed artists. If all goes to plan, future ZaPow will be an even more engaging place hosting in-person industry workshops and retreats for visitors and artists. First thing, we have to all get through this health crisis.

A side note to address newer developments in our world:
ZaPow’s business plans were made before George Floyd was murdered. Black Lives Matter. The recent property destruction in downtown Asheville has in no way influenced our plans as a business. The continued murder of POC has to stop. Our hearts and prayers are with the families who have lost their loved ones.

Remaining Hours 

Saturday & Sunday only
Noon - 6pm 
June 6th - July 11th


150 Coxe. Ave.

Suite 101,

Asheville, NC 

Phone : (828) 575 - 9112

Email :

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